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Che Jun and Yuan Jiajun met with guests from Taiwan respectively

On September 16, Provincial Party Secretary Che Jun and Governor Yuan Jiajun met with guests from Taiwan who came to take part in Zhejiang-Taiwan Cooperation Week in Hangzhou, welcoming them to participate in the relevant activities and exchanging views on relevant issues.

When meeting with the chairman of the Taiwan Federation of Industry, Wang Wenyuan, Che Jun said that over the years, Zhejiang has been resolutely implementing the decision of “Introducing Investment from Taiwan”, been always adhering to the conception of “Taiwan businessmen being Zhejiang Businessmen”, and been actively creating a favorable environment and a broad stage for Taiwan compatriots to develop in Zhejiang. The Taiwan Federation of Industry is an important industrial and commercial organization in Taiwan, which is committed to promoting more of its members to invest in Zhejiang and to making new contributions to deepening the economic and trade cooperation between the two places. Wang Wenyuan said that this visit would be an opportunity to promote more enterprises to seek business opportunities and strengthen cooperation in Zhejiang.

In the afternoon, Che Jun met with Xiao Wanchang, the Taiwan chairman of the Cross-Strait Entrepreneur Summit and the former deputy leader of Taiwan, and Jiang Xiaoyan, the former vice chairman of the Chinese Kuomintang. Che Jun said that Zhejiang is one of the provinces with the most frequent exchanges and cooperation with Taiwan, and that Zhejiang will continue to deepen the “the Year of Implementing Preferential Policies for Taiwan” and the reform of “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure”, to strive to promote the high quality development of Taiwan enterprises in Zhejiang. As an important platform for cross-strait exchanges and cooperation between the two sides, the Cross-Strait Entrepreneur Summit is committed to playing a greater role in deepening exchanges and cooperation between Zhejiang and Taiwan. Xiao Wanchang and Jiang Xiaoyan expressed their full confidence in the exchanges and cooperation between Taiwan and Zhejiang respectively, hoping that the people of the two places would strengthen their spiritual integration, adhere to the complementary advantages, and work together for common development

When meeting with Li Zhenghong, president of the National Taiwanese Enterprises Association, Zhang Wentan, honorary president, and Lai Zhengyi, chairman of Taiwan General Chamber of Commerce, Yuan Jiajun said that Zhejiang Province would insist on the principle of the government making achievements, the market operating effectively, the enterprises gaining profits, and the people gaining benefits, to carry out “three services” at a high level, to continue to implement the national “31 preferential measures for Taiwan” and the “76 implementation opinions” put forth by Zhejiang , and to strive to create the best business environment for Taiwan enterprises to innovate and develop and to participate in the integration of the Yangtze River Delta.

Pei Jinjia, deputy director of the Central Taiwan Affairs Office and the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, and provincial leaders Chen Jinbiao and Xiong Jianping attended the meeting.


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