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Yuan Jiajun: Fully promote the government's digital transformation to improve quality and efficiency

On the afternoon of August 23, the Provincial Government held the 8th special meeting on “Deepening the service procedure reform and promoting the government’s digital transformation”. Governor Yuan Jiajun stressed that at present, the digital transformation of our Provincial Government has entered a critical period. All local governments and departments should follow the target and sprint all the way to carry out the reform to the end, so as to ensure the completion of the target tasks.

Yuan Jiajun pointed out that the ongoing “maximum one visit service procedure” reform and the digital transformation of the government is a self-targeted revolution. The most important thing is to optimize the business environment. The fundamental purpose is to build a conscientious government to make the market effective and the enterprise and the people beneficial, to carry on the mission of "protecting one place, promoting its development, and enriching its people", so as to modernizing the governance system and governance capabilities. We shall mainly focus on five aspects of work: First, we shall speed up the construction of a one-stop mobile service platform for enterprises, aim at the goal of building a mobile office province, learn from the advanced and the first-class, and vigorously implement the "10+N" action to optimize the business environment. We shall accelerate the development and application of digital systems and the integration of various enterprise-related resources, and systematically reshape the enterprise-related service model. Second, we shall accelerate the construction of major projects, countdown to promote the project across the province, and strengthen system integration. Third, we shall promote the link between applications of public credit information, accelerate the establishment of industrial credit evaluation, and build a market supervision system that “governs the criteria, the inspections, and the disciplinary punishment”. Fourth, we shall accelerate the construction of the "Internet + Supervision" system, promote the full linkage of data, the full convergence of data, the full coverage of the applications, and the full integration of the system to ensure that the pilot tasks are fully completed on time. Fifth, we shall speed up the upgrade of the integrated government service platform, focus on the weak points for rectification and implementation, accelerate the establishment of an online government evaluation system, and launch a number of services that can be accessed cross-regional. The most important is to link with the national government service platform.

Yuan Jiajun pointed out that all local governments and departments should remain true to our initial aspirations and keep our mission in mind. We must strengthen the sense of urgency, the sense that we can't afford to wait or slow down. We must improve the work promotion mechanism, learn from those who are better, and work harder to solve the problem of imbalance in reforms, so as to push all work to the forefront.


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