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The central group of theory learning of the Provincial Party Committee had a special study on “Regulations on Publicity of the Communist Party of China ”

On the morning of August 26, the central group of theory learning of the Provincial Party Committee had a special study on “Regulations on Publicity of the Communist Party of China ” (hereinafter referred to as “Regulations”). Che Jun, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, presided over the meeting and delivered a speech, stressing the need to conscientiously implement General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important spirit of the publicity work. According to him, we must learn and implement the “Regulations” in an effective way, we must strengthen the political responsibility, shoulder the historical missions, and improve the quality of leadership, and we must strive to build the highland of ideology, the highland of the public opinion, the highland of culture, and the highland of civilization compatible with the “three highlands” proposed by Zhejiang.

Attendants included Yuan Jiajun, Zheng Shanjie and other members of the central group of theory learning of the Provincial Party Committee. At the meeting, those in charge of the theory learning from the Publicity Department of the Provincial Party Committee interpreted and explained the “Regulations” and aspects related to it.

Che Jun pointed out that the “Regulations” is the first basic and main rules on the publicity work within the Party, which is an important milestone in the history of the publicity undertaking of the Party, and which provides a basic guideline for the publicity work in the new era. The promulgation of the “Regulations” is another key move by the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core to strengthen the publicity work and firmly grasp the leadership of the ideological work. The “Regulations” has given a signal of making the publicity work increasingly vigorous, solid and potent. It marks a new stage in which the publicity work is done on the basis of law and regulations, allowing for a clearer orientation, a firmer stance and a more justifiable attitude towards the publicity work.

Che Jun stressed that Zhejiang should take the political responsibility for building the “three highlands”, strengthen the renewal of conceptions, the innovation in content, and the renovation of technologies, and strive to make outstanding achievements in the publicity work in Zhejiang in a new era. To this end, we must take a higher political position to master the publicity work, strengthen the overall leadership over this work, and clearly adhere to the principle of the Party’s leadership over publicity, over ideology, and over media, in order to ensure that the publicity undertaking always keeps moving forward in the correct direction and in order to fulfill the “upholding of two aspects” with practical actions. We must shoulder the mission of publicity with a stronger sense of responsibility, to promote the study and implementation of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a New Era profoundly, substantially and ideologically, to make more efforts in respect of leading and inspiring people with the Spirit of Zhejiang and to endeavor to prevent and resolve the ideological risks precisely and continuously. We must make the publicity work in this province continuously positive and innovative in the spirit of taking the forefront position in a more vigorous manner, further strengthen the mainstream ideological work and the public opinion, and promote the mainstream values of the society. We must make pilot and pioneering efforts in media integration, to strive to turn the biggest variable of the Internet into the biggest increment incentive to the development of our undertakings and to give full play to the important role of cultural construction and moral construction in facilitating modern governance. We must improve a clearer thinking of “the overall deployment” to further perfect the pattern of the overall publicity, especially in terms of the strengthening of the leadership by the party committees at all levels, the selection of qualified personnel for the construction of cadres, the strengthening of the supervision and inspection of the implementation of the “Regulations”, and the effectiveness of the systems and the rules. The publicity departments should strengthen the overall coordination, to implement specified leadership and management, to integrate and utilize various resources, and to make joint efforts to promote the publicity work.


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