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Yuan Jiajun: Do a good job in improving people's livelihood and well-off society

When conducting an investigation in Hangzhou on December 18, Provincial Governor Yuan Jiajun stressed that we should earnestly study and implement the spirit of the economic conference held by the Central Government, focus on solving problems of unbalanced or inadequate development, and firmly grasp the new development philosophy to promote the economic and social development in the new era. Aiming at the goal of building a moderately prosperous society at a high level and in an all-round way, we should focus on key areas to make up for our weakness, keep the major “trivial things” related with people’s daily life in our mind to do a solid job in improving people's livelihood and the quality of an overall well-off society, so as to ensure a high-quality economic development. Zhou Jiangyong participated in the investigation.

Since last year, starting with the demolition of unapproved buildings, Dongjiaxincun Community in Xiaohe Subdistrict, Gongshu District, has been renovating the municipal pipe network, air casing, facade and greening facilities of the old community in the 1980s. Now it has taken on a new look. Yuan Jiajun went into the community to have a close look, inquiring about its transformation ideas, financing mode and future development conception. He pointed out that the transformation of old urban residential areas is a key task put forward by the Central Government at the economic conference, which will serve quite a number of purposes and benefit both the supply and the demand. With a multiplier effect, it can not only meet the expectations of the people, improve their living environment, expand the domestic demand, stimulate consumption and improve people's livelihood, but also drive the transformation of economic development mode and expand effective investment. Hangzhou should enhance the awareness of being at the front line, give full play to its advantages, strengthen the government guidance and policy supply innovation, and fully activate the main role of the community and people's sense of being masters, so as to provide more vivid cases of the transformation of old residential areas for the whole province and even the whole country. We should adhere to the principle of a responsible government and an effective market to benefit the enterprises and the people, innovate the mode of development and construction, and attract the participation of social forces with an market-oriented approach. On the basis of environmental transformation of the community, we should strengthen overall planning and coordination and guide the development of fine services in community elder care, childcare, medical care, meal aid and cleaning, so as to realize the organic renewal of the city from "exterior" to "interior".

Hangzhou Jiufeng waste incineration power project has a daily treatment capacity of 3000 tons of incinerated domestic waste, an annual treatment capacity of 1.1 million tons, and a designed annual power grid capacity of 400 million kwh, and the leachate has been treated to achieve "full reuse and zero discharge". According to the project leader, the whole process of the project is operated strictly according the standards and can go through any kind of test. Yuan Jiajun gave positive comments on this. He pointed out that garbage treatment is a profound revolution, which is related to the living environment of the people, the conservation of resources and the quality of an overall well-off society. He demanded that we keep in mind the important statement of General Secretary Xi Jinping that "garbage classification is the new fashion", take the improvement of garbage treatment system and capacity as an important content of provincial governance modernization, and speed up the establishment of a classified garbage treatment system in delivery, collection, transportation and treatment, so as to form a garbage treatment policy based on the rule of law, promoted by the government, participated by the whole people, and coordinated in both urban and rural areas, and fight a hard battle against garbage treatment.

During the investigation, Yuan Jiajun also inspected the Yangshengtang Co., Ltd. to have an in-depth talk with the leader of the enterprise, and inquired in details about its product research, application and market development. He encouraged the enterprise to have a high ambition, bear in mind its original aspiration, stick to its main business and carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship and the spirit of Zhejiang merchants in the new era, so as to make its products better and the enterprise stronger. He also expressed his hope for them to unswervingly follow the road of innovation, explore and establish new R & D institutions from a high starting point, and provide new impetus for the high-quality development of the enterprise. Yuan Jiajun said that governments and departments at all levels should unswervingly strengthen and optimize the private economy, make greater efforts to build an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem and create the best business environment, and continue to deepen the "three service activities" to empower the private enterprises for high-quality development.

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