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Highlighting problem-orientation, goal-orientation, and effect-orientation in “Three Serves”

On January 2, in response to the arrangements of the Provincial Party Committee, governor Yuan Jiajun went to Zhejiang Communications Investment Group CO. LTD., Keqiao District, Shaoxing, and New Binhai District to carry out “deepening the ‘Three Serves’ to be off to a good start”. He emphasized that the “Three Serves” is the work brand of Zhejiang, which demonstrates our original aspiration and mission and reflects our responsibility and devotion. In order to deepen the “Three Serves”, the government system across the whole province must highlight real effectiveness, by strengthening problem-orientation, goal-orientation, and effect-orientation. We will focus on “gathering strength for development, empowering enterprises, adding color to a moderately prosperous society, and improving the efficiency of governance", and we will work harder to solve common problems, deep-seated problems, difficult problems, and problems that we want to solve but cannot be solved reflected by enterprises, people, and the grassroots. We will work hard to remove any obstacles of the systems and mechanisms that restrict high-quality development. We will step up major reforms, major platforms, major projects, and major policies with multiplier effects. We will actively support anything that is conducive to injecting new momentum into economic development, to improving the business environment, to enhancing people’s sense of fulfillment, and to stimulating the initiative of the mass of officials and people at the grassroots level.

Early in the morning, Yuan Jiajun came to Zhejiang Communications Investment Group CO. LTD., to inspect the expressway emergency command center, to watch the demonstration of the upgrading and transformation project for Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Smart Expressway, and to hold an on-site meeting. The person in charge of the enterprise faithfully reflects the actual difficulties in comprehensive development, investment and financing, and related unsolved issues along the route. Yuan Jiajun responded to these difficulties one by one, requiring the relevant provincial departments to effectively tackle the problems reflected by the enterprise. Yuan Jiajun pointed out that province-owned enterprises shoulder the heavy task of promoting high-quality development and serving the major strategies formulated by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government. He expressed his hope that Zhejiang Communications Investment Group CO. LTD. will build a province with advanced transportation, promote the construction of the Grand Throughway, and realize the interconnection in the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, to give top priority of major projects that promote the overall development, to rely on development through innovation to become bigger and stronger, and thus to provide strong support for the overall development of the province.

On the afternoon January 2, Yuan Jiajun came to New Binhai Area, Shaoxing, to visit private enterprises such as Jiabao New Fiber and Sanyuan Petrochemical, etc. to learn about production and operation, and enquire about and solve the difficulties and problems related to the constraints of factors, the “double control” of energy, and difficult and costly financing. Yuan Jiajun emphasized that precision service to enterprises is the primary task of the economic work this year. We must effectively solve the individual problems of individual enterprises, and pay more attention to the resolution of the common problems facing each region or industry. At present, the high-quality development of our province is facing two common problems, namely, promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries and tackling major risks. We must implement the transformation of traditional industries, strengthen the collaboration between provinces, cities and counties, the inter-departmental cooperation, and the coordination between government, banks and enterprises, to promote the integration and upgrading of traditional industries across regions and to promote factor resources such as land, funds, energy, and government industry funds to flow towards key regions, industries, and projects with greater efforts and more accurate policy supply, so as to optimize the layout of major productivity and create a modern industrial cluster.

Yuan Jiajun also came to Guangmingju, Qixian Sub-district, Keqiao District, to learn more about the construction of beautiful villages, industrial development, and grass-roots governance. He asked in detail the difficulties and problems encountered in promoting rural rejuvenation and handed over these problems to relevant departments at the municipal, district and provincial level to satisfy the grassroots and the people.

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