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The efficiency of real estate registration in Zhejiang improved by more than 50% through the integrated service at one window

“At present, the real estate registration in this province has formed a model of ‘acceptance at one window, submission of materials once, payment of taxes and fees together, joint completion of review, and settlement of matters once’, which improves the efficiency of real estate registration by more than 50%.” The person in charge from the Real Estate Registration Bureau of Department of Natural Resources of Zhejiang Province told reporters that in order to facilitate the enterprises and the people getting served, the real estate registration in Zhejiang has undergone considerable reform. At present, when applying for real estate registration, the people and enterprises in this province clearly get a new sense of experience brought about by the “maximum one visit service procedure” reform. The number of submissions has been reduced, the acceptance process has been streamlined, the processing time has been shortened, and some services require no visit at all.

Real estate registration is related to the important property interests of the people and enterprises. In 2017, the “maximum one visit service procedure” reform was originally implemented in this province. Real estate registration, as a high-frequency issue involving people and enterprises, has become a key breakthrough area. In this respect, Zhejiang takes the lead in realizing the Zhejiang model of “acceptance at one window, coordination of processing, and integrated services” in the whole process of the entire business of real estate registration in the country.

This year, the reform of real estate registration has been implemented in a rapid and innovative manner. Taking as the standard providing satisfactory service in “one matter” for enterprises and people, and maintaining the role of a “leader”, 11 departments including the Reform Office of the Provincial Committee of the CPC and the Department of Natural Resources of Zhejiang Province jointly issued the “Action Plan for the Facilitation of the ‘one matter’ of Real Estate Registration to Optimize Business Environment in Zhejiang Province”, to work together to promote the integration of information sharing and the process integration and to continuously optimize the business environment for real estate registration, thus greatly improving the sense of fulfillment of the people and enterprises.

Allowing businesses and people to make “a minimum of visits”

According to the person in charge from the Real Estate Registration Bureau of the Department of Natural Resources of Zhejiang Province, the following reforms have been carried out in real estate registration in Zhejiang Province:

Developing an online application system and an electronic seal for real estate ownership certification. Nowadays, citizens do not need to visit the real estate registration window or the archive room anymore. Instead, they can directly query and download the self-printed “property ownership certificate” at Zhejiang Government Service Website, Zheliban App, Alipay, etc., greatly facilitating such matters as household registration and enrollment in school. In 2019, there were more than 1 million online inquiries on real property ownership certificates in this province.

Enterprises’ Real estate registration service has been innovated. The setting up of a special service window for enterprises optimizes the real estate registration and tax payment process of enterprises, realizing online tax verification and online payment of taxes and providing all the services at “one window”. The innovation of the registration mechanism for enterprise real estate mortgages reduces the financing costs of enterprises in the procedures of the renewal and refinancing of loans. The coordination with several departments including the Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Zhejiang Province and the State Grid has realized the joint handling of service matters such as water, electricity, gas, digital television, and Internet broadband, and real estate registration, realizing “multiple visits to various authorities” to “one inter-authority visit”.

Through the coordinated service for the registration of real estate mortgage jointly promoted with the banking regulatory commission, the real estate mortgagors can directly apply for real estate mortgage registration when applying for a mortgage loan at a bank, realizing “no visit” in mortgage registration.

In Zhejiang, real estate registration is allowing more enterprises and people to enjoy benefits brought about by reform: Yuhang District of Hangzhou City implements a “one-stop” service and “no visit” registration; Fenghua District of Ningbo City innovatively promotes the model of online coordination for real estate registration; Wenzhou City takes a series of measures for real estate registration to help the enterprises; Xiuzhou District of Jiaxing City, and Haining City proceed from “one visit” to “no visit”; Yiwu realizes “Internet + real estate Registration” through the comprehensive innovation demonstration.

Maximizing the online transfer of information and minimizing the visit of the people and enterprises “run less legs” has become the main line of the real estate registration throughout the country.

Further optimizing information integration and sharing

“We can never make too much efforts to optimize the business environment. In the next step, we will focus on the improvement of the four aspects of standardization, sharing, service, and business. In 2020, the real estate registration in this province will be further accelerated through information sharing.” The person in charge from the Real Estate Registration Bureau of Department of Natural Resources of Zhejiang Province said that they are trying to achieve “error-free” registration when promoting reforms such as online office, mobile office, and no visit service.

In addition, the optimization of the establishment of the real estate registration information management platform allows for the real-time sharing and application of the data in the process and the information on the results in real estate registration, and for the integrated application of the data related to the government departments’ approval information and household registration, credit code, financial permission, judicial judgment and other data, reducing the materials to be submitted.

“We will also increase the application of ‘Internet + Real Estate Registration’ next year, to provide better services for the online inquiry about the real estate ownership certificate, joint service for public service matters, extended mortgage registration, online services for registration matters, etc. According to the person in charge said, these improved functions make it easy for the people and enterprises to operate, truly transforming innovative services into a sense of fulfillment.”

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