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“Small dining tables” drives “great civilization”

In order to resolutely stop food and beverage waste and effectively cultivate the habit of thrift, the Department of Civil Affairs of Zhejiang Province recently issued the “Detailed Rules for Promoting the Change of Family Banquet Transitions” (hereinafter referred to as “Detailed Rules”), requiring the implementation of new wedding arrangements, the advocacy of small weddings, the encouragement of simple funerals, the development of thrifty consumption habits, etc.

In terms of weddings and celebrating ceremonies, the “Detailed Rules” advocates simplifying the ceremonies, reducing the financial burden of holding banquets, and restricting the scales, abandons high-priced wedding gifts, extravagance and waste, vulgar wedding customs, and grand celebrations, supports new wedding models such as collective weddings, travel weddings, and small weddings, and gives congratulations on birthday, entering a higher school, enlisting in the army, housewarming and other happy events to replace holding banquets. In addition, it is necessary to normalize the work of issuing marriage registration certificates, to establish a system of specially invited certificate issuers such as local leaders, deputies to the People’s Congress, CPPCC members, and social celebrities, and to encourage the invitation of relatives and friends to witness the issuance of certificates together.

In respect of funerals, the “Detailed Rules” prohibits the use of electronic wreaths, fireworks and firecrackers, advocates concentrated wakes in the funeral parlour and getting rid of banquets and gift money, actively advocates civilized low-carbon sacrifices, like Internet sacrifices, flower sacrifices, outing sacrifices, and tree planting sacrifices, and land-saving and ecological burials, including ashes scattering, tree burial, flower burial, and sea burial, and establishes and perfects rewarding and subsidizing policies for land-saving ecological burials.

In order to regulate weddings, funerals and other happy events, the “Detailed Rules” requires all localities of the province to take the village (resident) committee election as an opportunity to promptly supervise and guide the new village (resident) committee to comprehensively revise the village regulations and community conventions, to formulate provisions to curb great celebrations and extravagance. In addition, this province will also promote management mechanisms for weddings, funerals and happy events in villages (communities), such as “a process regulation system, a standard menu system, a gold chef system, and an auditorium access system”, advocate family banquet cooking concepts, such as “careful cooking of coarse dishes, refined cooking of delicate dishes, multiple cooking methods of one dish, one spice for many dishes, and match of meat and vegetables”, promote simple and affordable banquet set meals, and advocate civilized dining styles, such as money-saving CDs and using public chopsticks and spoons.

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