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“Maximum one visit service procedure reform” covers 90% of affairs within public organs in Zhejiang province

On October 27, the reporter learned from the promotion meeting on "maximum one visit service procedure reform" within the public organs that the realization rate of the reform within the publics in our province has reached more than 90%, and the on-time completion rate of online service and the satisfaction rate of the people reached 96.1 % and 99.9% respectively.

Since last year, our province has taken the reform of "maximum one visit service procedure" as an important starting point to combat formalism and bureaucracy, and create a “province with the greatest efficiency in public organs” and “a province with the best business environment”. In sorting out matters to be handled, optimizing work processes and improving the internal collaborative office platform, we have made precise efforts on targeted tough tasks, and achieved remarkable results.

Next, our province will focus on the primary project of ideology, pay more attention to the systematic, integrated, and synergistic nature of reforms, and continue to increase efforts in business collaboration, process reengineering, and "online offices", so as to enhance the supply capacity of government services and public services, and promote the system integration, coordination and efficiency of the reform. We will do our best in the basic project of "sorting out matters to be handled", speed up the formation of a unified and standardized catalog of matters to be handled at the provincial, city and county levels, and draw up a guideline of "one standard for one situation" as soon as possible. We will do a good job in the supportive project of "mobile office", accelerate digital transformation, break through digital barriers, accelerate the construction of a collaborative platform for interconnection and cross-level linkage between departments at all levels, and promote efficiency monitoring so that rating may cover all the matters handled on the Internet at the provincial, city and county levels.

We will do a good job in the systems engineering of "one thing", and comprehensively establish the awareness of "full cycle management". Centering on the full cycle of the Party and government organs, we will comprehensively sort out the "one thing" within public organs, and build a “one thing” operation system that links the authorities with the subordinates, coordinates internally and externally, and operates efficiently, so as to promote the standardization and efficiency of the internal operation of the public organs with the standardization and refinement of processes.

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