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Yuan Jiajun: Cheers for "golden blue collars" and new-era artisans

On the morning of January 7, Governor Yuan Jiajun visited the winners and expert coaches of the 45th World Skills Competition in Hangzhou, the winners of the 6th National Skills Competition for the Disabled, the 15th "Revitalization Cup" National Youth Vocational Skills Competition and the 9th National Civil Affairs Vocational Skills Competition. Wang Wenxu accompanied.

On behalf of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, Yuan Jiajun congratulated the province's highly skilled talents on their outstanding achievements, gave heartfelt thanks and New Year greetings to the staff working in the skill fields. “Every trade has its master,” he said. Striving for perfection and excellence, the contestants and coaches of our province have won glory for our country and Zhejiang as well, and fully demonstrated the spirit of Zhejiang people who dare to brave the tides in all walks of life, which is a vivid embodiment of the spirit of craftsmanship and the spirit of Zhejiang. We should applaud to the "golden blue collars" and the craftsmen of the new era. He encouraged all contestants and coaches to keep up their efforts, train scientifically and make full preparation for the battles. He hoped that they could seize the day to challenge the strong and surpass themselves, so as to win greater honor for the country and Zhejiang as well.

Yuan Jiajun stressed that at present and in the future, Zhejiang is at a critical period of high-quality development, which needs the support of excellent high-quality products and excellent skilled talents, and the spirit of craftsmanship should be embodied in every link and every detail. All departments and local governments should respect highly skilled talents as much as they respect senior experts, and attach importance to the cultivation of highly skilled talents as they do to the cultivation of senior experts. We should vigorously implement the craftsman cultivation project and the improvement of "golden blue collar" vocational skills, speed up the establishment of the policies and incentive system for training, employing and evaluating skilled talents, and effectively improve the quality of technical colleges and vocational education, so as to build high skilled talents for the high-quality development of Zhejiang Province.

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