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Officials and officers extend greetings to soldiers in Eastern Theatre of War

Government officials, Party leaders, and army officers in Zhejiang Province visited the Eastern Theatre of War to greet soldiers on January 8.

He Weidong, commander of the Eastern Theater, and He Ping, political commissar, Che Jun, secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, and Yuan Jiajun, governor of Zhejiang Province attended the rap session to discuss cooperation plans and to express mutual affections. Che Jun extended New Year’s greetings to the officers and men in the eastern theater on behalf of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, and all the people of the province. He said that in 2019, the steady development and the great achievements in Zhejiang owed much to the support of the commanders and soldiers in the Eastern Theatre of War and the troops stationed in Zhejiang, who have been playing a vanguard role in the face of urgent and dangerous tasks, and actively participating in targeted poverty alleviation and the creation of culturally advanced society. He added that they are the strong pillar of national security and stability and the strong backing of the reform and development in Zhejiang, deserving people’s gratitude. As Che Jun commented, 2020 is the year in which Zhejiang will succeed in building a moderately prosperous society in all-round respects and the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” will draw a conclusion. The rock-solid military-government-civilian relationship is a guarantee for overcoming difficulties and achieving victory, so it is hoped that the Eastern Theatre of War will, as always, care about and support the construction and development of Zhejiang, and provide more valuable opinions on the work in Zhejiang, while concentrating on training and preparing for war. Zhejiang will implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important instructions on strengthening the military-government-civilian solidarity, and focus, as always, on the expectations and anxieties of officers and men to make them mentally relieved, to promote new achievements in the national defense mobilization and the improvement of reserve forces.

He Weidong and He Ping expressed their gratitude to Zhejiang for caring for and supporting the construction and development of the theater, and encouragement by the brand-new achievements and vigorous development of Zhejiang, on behalf of the Party organs and officers and soldiers in the eastern theater. According to them, the visit and greetings of the leaders reflect the great attention CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and the Provincial Government attach to national defense and army building, and the care and love of the people of Zhejiang for the soldiers. For a long time, Zhejiang has been giving strong support for national defense and army building, securing the development of military-civilian integration, taking effective measures for ensuring the training and preparation for war, and solving the difficulties of officers and soldiers, winning the common praise from officers and soldiers in the theater. Over the past year, the Eastern Theater has been guided by Xi Jinping thoughts on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and Xi Jinping’s conceptions on empowering the army, focusing on its core mission, working hard to forge ahead, and thus completing various tasks. In 2020, the Eastern Theater will thoroughly implement Xi Jinping’s conceptions on empowering the army, implement the military strategies for a new era, make preparations for war, and comprehensively improve its ability to prepare for war in the new era. At the same time, this theatre continue to carry forward the tradition of embracing the political leadership and loving the people, and actively support the construction and development in Zhejiang, by going all out to meet the needs to the people in Zhejiang.

Provincial leaders including Chen Jinbiao, Feng Wenping, and Wang Wenxu, and officers of the Eastern Theater of War, Wang Xiubin, Gu Xiangbing, Sun Herong, Yin Hongwen, and Lu Shaoping attended the discussion.

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