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Yuan Jiajun: Use precision smart control to handle both epidemic and economic development

On the morning of the 25th, Yuan Jiajun, Governor and Leader of the Provincial Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group, presided over a regular meeting of the group to implement a series of decisions of the Central Party Committee and the Provincial Party Committee, and discuss how to advance the key tasks for the next stage. He emphasized that as the current epidemic situation in our province continues to go better, we are now in a critical stage of epidemic prevention and production restoration, and we must do both with equal efforts. All local departments must have firm confidence and target at objectives, problems and effects. We must make good use of precision smart control to improve our measures and coordinate our efforts for epidemic control and economic and social development, so that we can hand in a satisfactory answer sheet in both tasks.

Gao Weizhong, leader of the 11th National Steering Group of Epidemic Prevention and Control, Feng Fei, Zhu Guoxian, Wang Shuangquan, and Gao Xingfu attended the meeting.

As the meeting emphasized, we must conscientiously carry out rated precise control, and further improve the control mechanism, so as to provide strong support for winning the battle against the epidemic. First, we must improve the dynamic release and information sharing mechanism so as to "know in advance and control in advance. Second, we must improve the mechanism for "health code" application and mutual recognition, so as to facilitate the return of healthy workers in other provinces. Third, we must improve measures for accurate control of populations from key areas, first station responsibility system, and information sharing mechanism, so as to recognize and control people from key areas more effectively. Fourth, we must improve the five-level closed-loop linkage mechanism of provinces, cities, counties, towns and villages to adopt different measures for different types of people. Fifth, we must improve the entry mechanism for “small gates” such as the villages, communities, factory campus, commercial areas, parks, and public transportation vehicles, so as to ensure smooth flow of healthy populations and effective control of people from key areas. Sixth, we must improve the cross-region reporting mechanism, and weave a tight-knit network for joint control. Seventh, we must establish a negative list for the opening of closed public places to avoid cluster-type epidemic. Eighth, we must establish a health guidance and emergency response mechanism in companies to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the production of enterprises.

According to the meeting, we must thoroughly meet the requirements of production restoration, step up efforts to overcome difficulties, strengthen service, and implement policies, so as to restore production and life orderly and effectively. Focusing on the return of employees, the biggest constraint on production restoration, we must set up special working groups, promote multi-department collaboration, deepen labor service cooperation with other provinces, cities and counties, improve the mutual recognition mechanism for health standards with key labor export provinces, and organize cross-provincial transportation to ensure that at least 70% of the provincial enterprise employees are on post by the end of the month. In light of the "three-service" activities, we must promote the orderly resumption of production in small and micro parks and enterprises on the condition that protective measures are in place. We must make every effort to improve the effectiveness of medical treatment, give full play to the role of high-level medical teams, give top priority to severe cases, especially critical cases, and continue to optimize treatment programs, so as to reduce mortality to the least possible degree. We must further implement the policies in favor of medical staff, and complete the medical mission of assisting Hubei with high quality. We must do our best to produce and supply protective materials such as facial masks, strengthen overall planning, and provide good service for the full restoration of production and living order. We must take the initiative to strengthen information release and public opinion guidance, consolidate the positive energy of society with the positive effects of epidemic prevention, so as to strengthen the confidence of the general public for victory.

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