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Yuan Jiajun visits Wenzhou for inspection and guidance: Firmly carry on our mission and build a defense line for overseas epidemic import

On the afternoon of the 17th, Governor Yuan Jiajun visited Wenzhou Longwan International Airport to inspect and guide the prevention of overseas epidemic import. He emphasized that the province has entered a new stage in epidemic prevention and control. We must firmly grasp the top priority of preventing the outbreak of overseas epidemics, carry out the important task of safe handling of temporary flights from Italy to Wenzhou, and seriously implement the decisions and requirements of the Central Party Committee and the Provincial Party Committee. We must firmly carry out the top ten mechanisms for prevention and control of overseas epidemic input, make full use of the precise intelligent control platform, and effectively build the "first line of defense" at airports to ensure the first time handling of risks, so as to consolidate and expand the hard-won amelioration for epidemic prevention and control in our province.

Wenzhou Longwan International Airport had a passenger throughput of 12.2917 million passengers last year. With 23 international and regional routes and 51 airlines, it is the forefront for the prevention and control of overseas epidemic input in our province, and also a temporary flight destination for the returned overseas Chinese and overseas students from Italy to Zhejiang. Along the passenger's entry route Yuan Jiajun inspected the operation of entry quarantine, health declaration, information check, temperature screening, and quarantine channel. He expressed satisfaction with Wenzhou's successful handling of the first temporary flight, and offered condolences to frontline staff and volunteers for their hard work in the past few days. He also urged everyone to take good care of themselves.

Yuan Jiajun said that the airport port is the first gateway to resist overseas epidemics. We must strengthen the first-stop responsibility system, make good preparations in all aspects, highlight legitimate prevention, joint prevention and closed-loop prevention, and establishment of a highly efficient system by unified leadership, unified command, and unified action. We must make good use of the international version of health code and overseas public service platforms, give full play to the role of overseas Chinese associations and relatives, improve the contact list system for overseas immigrants from Zhejiang, and strengthen the pre-screening and information collection to ensure that the entire process is under control. We must be conscientious in guarding our gates and fulfilling our duties, improve the pre-arranged plan and allocation of resources, optimize processes to improve efficiency, and strengthen inter-departmental coordination. With the help of advanced detection technology, we must carry out safe and efficient quarantine and inspection for people from abroad. We must adhere to the principle of equal treatment with humane care, provide health services for all people from abroad with equal standards, make meticulous arrangements for centralized quarantine, and strictly implement the "hard-core" quarantine in centralized places and “hard-core” isolation at home. We must do our best to treat the in-coming patients from abroad and strive to achieve zero mortality. We must provide better services to the frontline staff and volunteers at airports and ports of entry, and strictly implement security training and safety measures to ensure that no infection occurs. We must increase our support for overseas Chinese, establish cross-border joint prevention mechanisms with key countries, strengthen communication with local governments, overseas Chinese consulates, and Chinese embassies and consulates abroad. We must actively make our policies known to them, help them solve difficulties and remind them to avoid unnecessary travelling abroad to prevent cross infection.

Chen Weijun participated in the inspection.

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