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Comprehensively deepening government digital transformation to accelerate the creation of modern government with “integrated intelligent governance”

On the morning of March 26th, the provincial government held the 10th special meeting to deepen the “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” Reform and promote government digital transformation. Governor Yuan Jiajun emphasized that the prevention and control of COVID-19 is a practical test of the government digital transformation. All localities and departments must  summarize the experience in digital governance during the epidemic prevention and control, promote the modern government culture of being truth-seeking and pioneering, and focus on the two keys of the re-engineering of cross-departmental multiple-service collaborative process and the digital platform integration and application, to deepen the government digital transformation in all respects and to truly transform the first-mover advantages of digital transformation into strong governance effectiveness. Feng Fei presided over this meeting, and cities, counties (cities, districts) set up branch venues.

It was pointed out at the meeting that to do a good job in the government work this year, we must tightly grasp the three main lines of the prevention and control of various risks with the focus on the epidemic prevention, the reform, development, and stability with the focus on resuming production and achieving full producing capacity, and the modernization of across-province governance enabled through the “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” Reform and the government digital transformation, in order to rapidly restore the order of economic and social operation compatible with the epidemic prevention and control, to ensure the completion of the annual goals and a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society in every respect, and thus to contribute to the overall national situation.

It was pointed out at the meeting that the government digital transformation in this province has entered a new phase, which mainly features the creation of modern government with “integrated intelligent governance” by focusing on system integration and comprehensive integration and by focusing on the scene-based multiple-service collaborative applications. In the fighting against the epidemic, great achievements have been made in both the COVID-19 prevention and control and the economic and social development through digital empowerment. In particular, the health code has become a major landmark achievement of digital multi-scenario applications. At the same time, we must clearly be aware of the aspects of weakness, adhere to problem-orientation and goal-orientation, strengthen comprehensive integration, focus on key issues, improve working mechanisms, focus on policy incentives, and constantly explore and summarize best practices.

It was pointed out at the meeting that we must adhere to process re-engineering and data sharing and take major projects as backup to accelerate the creation of a province with “mobile services” and “mobile offices”. First, it is necessary to upgrade the precise intelligent control mechanism. Faced with the severe situation of the global pandemic, all localities must adhere to the health code as an important means to accurately and effectively identify epidemic risks to relentlessly focus on the epidemic prevention and control, and strengthen the dynamic update and precise expanded application of the health code and its international version to precisely control the risk of imported cases. Second, it is necessary to continue the integration and optimization of the “mobile services”. Focusing on “easy services”, we will make every effort to build the government service 2.0 platform and Zhezhengding 2.0 platform, to promote the “Internet plus supervision” reform to take the lead in the whole country. Third, it is necessary to  accelerate the application of scene-based multiple-service collaboration. From the perspective of “one-visit service” for enterprises and people, we must focus on key areas such as “stabilizing enterprises, preventing risks, promoting reform, and benefiting people”, and plan and promote a number of cross-departmental cross-business landmark projects that feature comprehensive integrated innovation. Fourth, it is necessary to promote the “Maximum One Visit Service Procedure” Reform within the authorities, in accordance with the concept of the integrated government. We must focus on policy coordination, approval coordination, and element guarantee, to accelerate the construction of a collaborative office system integrating the province, the cities and the counties, and to achieve government collaborative and efficient operations by turning departmental service systems into “one-stop” services. Fifth, it is necessary to accelerate the open sharing and innovative application of public data. We must speed up the construction of the public data platform 2.0 in an all-round way, and make overall plans for the open data sharing, its innovative application, and the guarantee of security .

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