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Yuan Jiajun emphasized the prevention and control of imported COVID-19 cases from overseas

On the afternoon, March 24, Yuan Jiajun, governor and leader of the Provincial COVID-19 Prevention and Control Leading Group, chaired a regular meeting of the leading group. He emphasized that we must conscientiously implement the decisions and deployments of the Central Committee of CPC and Zhejiang Provincial Committee of CPC, always keep a sober mind, and accurately study and judge the changes in the situation, in order to implement the ten mechanisms for the prevention and control of imported COVID-19 from overseas. Feng Fei, Zhu Guoxian, Zhu Congjiu, Gao Xingfu, and Cheng Yuechong attended this meeting.

At the meeting, it was pointed out that from March 23, the emergency response level of major public health emergencies in Zhejiang province was adjusted from Level II to Level III, a decision made in accordance with the actual situation of the local epidemic in this province and with relevant laws and regulations. The reduction of the response level does not mean that the risk of the epidemic has been reduced, and that the prevention and control of the epidemic can be relieved. In particular, the current global epidemic is a pandemic, and the situation is still complicated and severe. The strategy of preventing and controlling the imported COVID-19 cases from overseas must be shifted from key countries and regions to all people making entry from overseas. In view of this, we must strengthen the investigation of the information on people returning to Zhejiang from overseas by relying on “big data plus grid” to make use of the international version of the health code, in order to further complete the list of contacts at home and abroad and to know the trace of the people returning to Zhejiang throughout their travel. We must strengthen the coordination and connection with airports, ports, and land entry ports inside and outside this province, in order to grasp the information of people returning to Zhejiang as early as possible, to establish a closed-loop control mechanism throughout the travel of the returning people, and to ensure that all potential sources of risk can be controlled. All localities should implement their due responsibilities, explore innovative and effective policies and measures, provide detailed guidance and persuasion, and thus guide those who really need to return to Zhejiang to choose a safe and convenient channel to return rationally. We must further control the entrances to the communities, by doing a good job in taking temperature, insuring the scanning of the health code, and strictly implementing measures for centralized quarantine and medical observation of the returning people, in order to ensure no ignorance of duty at every checking spot. We must continue to do a good job in the medical treatment of imported cases and improve their recovery rate. We must do a good job in relieving and helping the overseas Chinese and overseas students through multiple channels by solving the problems of the shortage of medical supplies for them, so as to protect their lives and health.

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