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Meeting held to celebrate 36th Teacher’s Day and present 4th "Most Beautiful Teacher" Award

On the evening of September 7, our province held a meeting to celebrate the 36th Teacher’s Day and present the 4th "Most Beautiful Teacher" Award in Hangzhou, commending the winners of the 4th "Most Beautiful Teacher" of Zhejiang Province, the 2020 Provincial "Spring Silkworm Award", "Green Leaf Award" and the "Special Education Gardener Pioneer Award".

The "Most Beautiful Teacher" of Zhejiang is selected to dig deeper into the most beautiful deeds among the teachers, give full play to the exemplary role of model teachers, vigorously promote the cultivation of teacher ethics and working style in the new era, and create a social atmosphere of respect for teachers and learning from model teachers, so as to encourages the teachers to take up their responsibilities and complete their missions of educating the students to make positive contributions to the strategy of education modernization and the strategy of strengthening the province with higher education.

The 4th "Most Beautiful Teacher" selection started on April 27 this year and lasted more than 4 months. A total of 174 candidates were submitted from various cities and universities, including 73 in the university group, 64 in the middle school group, and 37 in the primary school and kindergarten group. After a series of procedures including grassroots recommendation, organizing committee review, online like collection, expert review, organizing committee approval, and online publicity, 10 "Most Beautiful Teachers" and 20 nominated teachers were finally selected.

The 10 “Most Beautiful Teachers” this year have an average teaching experience of 22 years. Some of them have been rooted in the mountainous areas for decades without any complaints or regrets, and have helped hundreds of special students gain confidence and growth strength with love and morality in their whole lives; some have devoted themselves to teaching and scientific research for decades, educating the students quietly; some, although nearly 60 years old, went on foot to various villages to deliver homework for students, rain or shine, during the epidemic period... They are all outstanding representatives of the teachers in the province, meeting the standards of "Good Teachers" (teachers with ideals and beliefs, moral sentiments, solid knowledge, and a benevolent heart) and make positive contributions to the construction of Zhejiang as an "important window".

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