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Zheng Shanjie emphasized the implementation of the decisions and deployments made by the Provincial Government

On the morning September 14th, Zheng Zhanjie, secretary of the provincial government Party group and acting governor, presided over a meeting of the provincial government Party group. He emphasized that the government system of the whole province must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and effectively unify thoughts and actions into the decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, to act on Secretary Yuan Jiajun’s requirements in the report made at the opening ceremony of the fall semester of the Provincial Party School. The report requires that we must closely follow the theme of implementing the “Double Eight Strategies” and striving to create an “important window”, coordinate the overall domestic and international situations, coordinate the two great events of development and security, coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, strive to achieve the annual objectives, and simultaneously plan the “14th Five-Year” plan, to ensure the completion of building a moderately prosperous society up to high standards and the successful conclusion of the “13th Five-Year” plan and to ensure the successful opening up of the new journey of socialist modernization.

Zheng Shanjie pointed out that the report made by Secretary Yuan Jiajun at the opening ceremony of the fall semester of the Provincial Party School systematically explains how to look at, to plan, and to carry out the work in Zhejiang. This report plays an important role in promoting the in-depth implementation of the “Double Eight Strategies” and speeding up the creation of the “Two High Levels” and an “important window”. The government system across the province must earnestly study, understand, and grasp that the theme of “loyally implementing the ‘Double Eight Strategies’ and striving to create an ‘important window’” must be adhered to, must understand and grasp that the “five thinking modes” are important methods that must be commanded for doing various work well, must understand and grasp that the “10 worksheets” are major achievements that must be made in the creation of an “important window”, and must understand and grasp that the teams of Party leaders are strong guarantee for doing a good job in all undertakings, in order to further do the work of the government in a meticulous, down-to-earth, and successful manner.

Zheng Zhaijie emphasized that we must implement the provincial Party committee’s decisions and deployments and the requirements in Secretary Yuan Jiajun’s report. First, we must strengthen investigation and research, and adhere to the problem-oriented approach, to find problems, to think of the problem, and to face the problem straightforwardly; we must adhere to the goal-orientation, establish overall awareness and overall concept, be based on both current and long-term perspectives, learn from advanced areas, plan first and then take measures; we must adhere to the effect orientation, highlight comprehensive integration, maintain creative tension, strive to create best practices, and strive to be a leader. Second, we must strengthen the effects of implementations, set up special leading groups according to the circumstances, establish an efficient working mechanism of horizontal coordination and vertical linkage, maintain the continuity and stability of the policies, and maintain the tenacity in the work. Third, we must strengthen closed-loop management, further improve the closed-loop management work promotion system of “checklist + ledger + evaluation”, publicize actual results, focus on summaries and evaluations, and strengthen typical promotion. The government system across the province must promote loyalty and hard work and show loyalty and hard work, to set examples in absolute loyalty to the Party, enhancing political ability, forging strong skills, promoting the spirit of struggle, and being pragmatic and clean. We must be rigorous and meticulous, never do any false work, and carry out any tasks to the end, in order to strive to establish a new image, show new responsibilities, and do new things in the creation of an “important windows”.

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