Shaoxing determined to return to top 30 city ranking

Date:2021-01-29 09:44

in East China's Zhejiang province is determined to regain its status as one of the top 30 Chinese cities in terms of comprehensive economic strength, an emphasis that was repeated during the 2021 Zhejiang two sessions, which are currently under way.

Deputies to the two sessions proposed their suggestions to further Shaoxing's economic development. Jin Xiaoming, top official of Yuecheng district in Shaoxing, said that Yuecheng will focus on developing its integrated circuit and biological medicine industries.

Zhang Yabo, president of Sanhua Group, said that Shaoxing should encourage companies to develop digital economy and smart manufacturing, as well as cultivate world-leading manufacturing clusters.

Zhou Yuan, director of the department of special reports at the Shaoxing News and Media Center, said that Shaoxing should make use of digital technologies to improve its cultural sector.

Other deputies called for Shaoxing to promote the integration of the Yangtze River Delta and to engage itself in the building of the Zhejiang free trade zone.

The Shaoxing delegation attends the fifth session of the 13th Zhejiang Provincial People's Congress, which commenced in the provincial capital of Hangzhou on the morning of Jan 26. [Photo/]