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Zhejiang announces measures to control COVID-19 among inbound personnel

The Information Office of the Zhejiang Provincial Government announced a "14+7+7" health management measure for inbound personnel at its 59th press conference for the province's epidemic prevention and control efforts on the morning of Dec 29.  

"14+7+7" means that in addition to a 14-day concentrated quarantine, inbound personnel should undergo a seven-day health observation at home plus another seven days of health monitoring, with one round of nucleic acid testing arranged after each period.

Zhejiang plans to complete an emergency vaccination program, inoculating targeted populations with COVID-19 vaccines before Feb 5.

So far, a total of 1,726 clinics throughout the province have qualified for emergency inoculations, with 15,698 medical workers receiving related training and certification for the vaccination.

The emergency vaccination program has been steadily proceeding, and a total of 462,900 inoculations have been made, with no serious adverse reactions reported so far.

Targeted populations include those working in high-risk areas such as imported cold-chain product management, port quarantine, loading, transportation, hospitals, and disease control, and those who plan to work or study abroad.

However, targeted populations are not allowed to be vaccinated if they meet any of the following conditions:

1. Aged below 18 or above 59

2. Previous history of serious allergies after being vaccinated

3. Pregnant

4. Have acute diseases or serious chronic diseases or are currently experiencing an acute outbreak of a chronic disease

5. Have other diseases unfit for vaccination as judged by medical doctors

Targeted populations must also abide by the following instructions:

1. They must go to the clinic at appointed times and bring their personal identity cards.

2. Medical staff must conduct health screenings on patients before inoculating them, and patients are obligated to inform staff of any health conditions or situations affecting their ability to be vaccinated.

3. Patients must sign an informed consent letter.

4. Medical staff must strictly adhere to standard procedures while performing vaccinations.

5. Patients must obtain a dedicated certificate following the vaccination.

6. Following the vaccination, patients must stay 30 minutes for health observation and must report to medical staff if they experience any problems.

7. Patients must contact medical staff if they feel unwell after returning home.

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