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Over 100 media outlets tour Yuecheng district

Date:2021-11-08 10:00

Expats visit Yuecheng district in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province on Nov 3. 

Journalists from over 100 media outlets are visiting Yuecheng district in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province from Nov 3 to 4.

They are touring the district, focusing on its fast economic development. More than 60 media outlets are conducting livestreaming shows during the tour. Local authorities said that it is the largest media event in the district's history.

Six young expats were invited to join the group and experience the district's charm. They will promote Yuecheng to foreigners with short videos.

Yuecheng district is Shaoxing's political and cultural center. It is located on the southern bank of Hangzhou Bay, located near Kuaiji Mountain.

In 2020, the GDP and per capita GDP of Yuecheng were 100.85 billion yuan ($15.77 billion) and 102,100 yuan.