Shaoxing encourages people to stay during Spring Festival

Date:2021-02-12 11:40

An aerial view of a scenic site in Shaoxing, East China's Zhejiang province. [Photo/WeChat account: zjfabu]

The Shaoxing government is taking measures and launching policies to encourage people to stay in the city during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday to decrease the potential risks of wider COVID-19 spread caused by mass travel.

Companies, human resources institutes, and other organizations in the city are also teaming up to respond to the local government's call.

According to the guidelines issued by the local government on encouraging companies to retain workers and keep operating during the Spring Festival holiday, companies will receive 100,000 yuan ($15,460) in financial awards if their industrial output in the first quarter is no less than the average industrial output value of last year's third and fourth quarters.

During the holiday, Shaoxing's scenic sites will be open to workers choosing to stay in the city. In some districts and counties, the local government will offer 500 yuan to 800 yuan in subsidies to each worker who chooses to stay.

Zhejiang Xingfa Group has promised to give 5,000 yuan on average in subsidies to each worker who agreed to work during the Spring Festival holiday.

Zhejiang Kaishili Technology Co will offer free accommodation and food, as well as 2,000 yuan in subsidies to employees choosing to stay. Moreover, the company will not ask employees to work during the holiday.

Human resources institutes in Shaoxing will hold job fairs for those who choose to stay.

Shaoxing will also hold a variety of activities to celebrate the Spring Festival, inviting people who choose to stay in the city to take part in them.