Shaoxing company's new materials used in lunar exploration

Date:2021-03-03 09:32

The Chang'e-5 lunar probe lands on the moon. 

The general manager of Shaoxing-based Cashem Advanced Materials Hi-tech Co recently received a letter of thanks from the office for the Long March 5 Carrier Rocket series. The letter thanks the company for providing high-quality PMI foam, which was used in the Long March-5 Y3 Carrier Rocket.

"We feel proud that our new products can be used in the Long March-5 Y3 Carrier Rocket to help complete the Chang'e 5 lunar exploration project," said Xu Wensheng, general manager of the company based in Shangyu Economic Development Zone in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province.

The letter notes that the researchers for Long March Carrier Rocket series are willing to continue to work together with Cashem Advanced Materials to make even greater achievements.

Founded in May 2010, Cashem Advanced Materials is a national high-tech firm. The Institute of Chemistry at the Chinese Academy of Sciences is one of the firm's shareholders.

In 2016, the company set up a joint laboratory for new polymer materials, as well as initiated a project to develop new PMI structural foam, which is light weight and able to resist high temperature. The research project turned out to be a success in a short period of time.

According to a researcher at the company, the newly developed PMI material weighs only one seventh of steel when they bear the same pressure.

Xu said that this kind of materials are able to be widely used in aerospace, rail traffic, new energy vehicles, ships, and medical equipment.