Makeup mirror by Shaoxing designer goes viral online

Date:2021-04-20 10:44

A model looks into the mirror designed by Li Ke, a designer from Langshan village, Zhuji, East China's Zhejiang province. [Photo/]

A cosmetic makeup mirror designed by a Shaoxing native has gone viral on the internet. It is so popular that many celebrities, including Li Jiaqi, Wei Ya, and Liu Tao, haven chosen to promote it or advertise for it.

The 32-year-old designer is named Li Ke and is from Langshan village, Zhuji, a county-level city in Shaoxing.

Li once furthered his studies at the world renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and founded AMIRO, a brand specializing in photoelectric beauty, with his classmates after he returned to China. The AMIRO makeup mirror is a major product developed by their team.

Cycled by an LED lamp band, the mirror can counteract the negative effect caused by unprofessional light sources on makeup, thus gaining popularity among Chinese and foreign beauty makeup bloggers. The mirror even garnered attention during last year's New York Fashion Week.

At the end of this year, AMIRO will launch a new type of smart makeup mirror, which will draw inspiration from the famous Xi Shi, who is known as one of the four most beautiful women in Chinese history.

Zhuji is her hometown and Li credits the enthusiasm and wisdom of Zhuji natives for giving him the inspiration to create.

Li recently won the Red Design Award, which is recognized as the Oscar Awards of design. To date, it is the 42nd international design award that he has won.