Zhejiang makes strides in public security enhancement

Date:2021-04-08 15:41

The Information Office of the Zhejiang provincial government held a briefing detailing what the province has achieved in the "Pingan Zhejiang" project at a recent news conference.

The "Pingan Zhejiang" initiative was first proposed by Zhejiang authorities in 2004 with the aim of ensuring and enhancing the province's safety in public security, economy, ecology and more. "Pingan" is the Chinese term for "safe".

The conference revealed that the total number of criminal cases in Zhejiang dropped from 666,800 in 2015 to 241,900 in 2020, while the number of industrial accidents fell from 3,610 to 1,005 during the same period.

Between 2018 and 2020, the death toll from traffic accidents in Zhejiang fell at an average annual rate of 15.7 percent.

Zhejiang residents' satisfaction with their sense of security also rose from 96.34 percent in 2015 to 97.25 percent in 2020, one of the highest among all Chinese provinces.

There were no terrorist attacks in Zhejiang in 2020.

In terms of the fight against organized crime over the past three years, Zhejiang's law enforcement agencies eliminated 3,474 gangs, arrested more than 30,000 suspects, cracked more than 50,000 cases, sealed, froze and seized 29.4 billion yuan ($4.5 billion) worth of case-related assets, and handled 2,143 duty-related cases and 3,628 individuals who acted as "protective umbrellas" for organized gangs.