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28 Zhejiang localities to set examples for common prosperity

Date:2021-07-30 16:34

The Zhejiang provincial government recently designated 28 localities across the province to carry out pilots in six areas of the province's development program as a demonstration zone for common prosperity.

Lishui city, Taishun county, Pinghu city, and Longyou county were chosen by the authorities to explore ways in which socioeconomic gaps between regions can be bridged.

Huzhou city, Chun'an county, Cixi city, Yiwu city, Taizhou's Luqiao district, Xianju county, and Songyang county have been tasked with narrowing urban-rural gaps.

Wenzhou's Lucheng district, Xinchang county, Pan'an county, and Shengsi county will work to become a pioneer in narrowing income gaps among residents.

Ningbo city, Hangzhou's Fuyang district, Wenzhou's Ouhai district, and Sanmen county will be responsible for delivering high standard public services that would be shared by all.

Quzhou city, Jiaxing's Nanhu district, Zhuji city, and Dongyang city will focus on developing themselves into role models for a spiritual civilization.

Shaoxing city, Hangzhou's Xiaoshan district, Ningbo's Beilun district, Anji county, and Quzhou's Qujiang district have been tasked with building grassroots units featuring common prosperity.

All these Zhejiang localities are required to form their own three-year action plans to achieve their goals in common prosperity.