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Zhejiang strives for more breakthroughs in quality management

Date:2021-09-26 09:35

The 4th China Quality Conference opened in Hangzhou, East China's Zhejiang province on Sept 16.

With a theme of "Quality Evolution, Digital Empowerment, Green Development, Global Synergy", the two-day conference was being held for the fourth time since 2014. The previous editions took place in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen respectively.

Ningbo Zhoushan Port Group Co Ltd, the operator of Ningbo Zhoushan Port in Zhejiang, which is the world's largest port by cargo throughput, won the China Quality Award (CQA) at the event. This year's award winners comprised of nine organizations and one individual.

The CQA, which is conferred by the State Administration for Market Regulation every two years, is the highest honor in the field of quality management in China.

This is the first time a company or individual from Zhejiang has won the award since its establishment, though those from Zhejiang were nominated 16 times in the past.

An official from the Zhejiang Administration for Market Regulation noted that it is a pity that Zhejiang-based manufactures have not yet won the CQA since Zhejiang boasts a thriving manufacturing sector with numerous top-notch private companies.

He added that he believes that Zhejiang manufacturers will continue to promote advanced quality management practices, as well as make relevant innovations, forming new benchmark enterprises in this regard.

A poster for the 4th China Quality Conference.