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Zhejiang to strengthen governance in ocean and fisheries

Date:2022-04-27 14:32

East China's Zhejiang province has launched a three-year campaign to strengthen the governance of ocean and fisheries.

According to the three-year action plan issued last Thursday, the campaign aims to improve the safety production system of Zhejiang's ocean areas and fishery industry.

The plan will seek to eliminate and upgrade old fishing vessels, improve the quality and efficiency of the marine fishing industry, improve grassroots management abilities, implement precise and intelligent control of maritime safety measures and cultivate new forms of marine leisure and tourism.

During this three-year period, 2,000 old and obsolete fishing vessels will be removed and 1,000 high-quality fishing boats will be built before November 2024. Commercial fishing vessels collision accidents are also expected to be reduced by 30 percent by the end of 2023.