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Zhejiang adds five new provincial tourist resorts

Date:2022-04-27 14:36

East China's Zhejiang province has officially added another five new provincial level tourist resorts, according to the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.

The five tourist resorts are the Ningbo Bay Tourist Resort and Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Tourist Resort in Ningbo city, the Yunling Mountain Hot Spring Tourist Resort in Yongjia county, the Lingjiu Mountain Tourist Resort in Quzhou city, and the Jianglang Mountain Tourist Resort in Jiangshan city.

The new additions bring the number of tourist resorts at and above the provincial level in Zhejiang to 57. Six of these resorts are of a national level.

Below are brief introductions to the five new provincial tourist resorts.

The Ningbo Bay Tourist Resort, which spans 25.28 square kilometers, is located in the coastal area of Xiangshan Bay. The resort aims to be a sports tourism complex that integrates the functions of sports tourism, cultural experience, marine sightseeing, leisure vacation and commercial entertainment.

Located in the heart of the Yangtze River Delta, the Ningbo Hangzhou Bay Tourist Resort covers a total area of 8.5 square kilometers and boasts unique tourism resources. It is situated near rich natural resources such as wetlands and hot springs, making it a highly popular holiday destination.

The Yunling Mountain Hot Spring Tourist Resort covers 43.7 square kilometers and features cultural experience activities, hot springs and mountain-based activities.

Located in Jiuhua township, Kecheng district, Quzhou City, the Lingjiu Mountain Tourist Resort spans 13.16 square kilometers and is considered a leader in the sports leisure industry in Zhejiang.

Situated near the Jianglang Mountain Scenic Area, a World Natural Heritage Site which features the Danxia landform, the Jianglang Mountain Tourist Resort has a unique natural and geographical environment and abundant cultural resources. The venue aims to become a national first-class comprehensive tourism and vacation destination integrating sports and fitness, wellness and health, leisure and vacation, and ecological sightseeing.