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Expats enjoy leisure tourism in Shaoxing

Date:2022-07-08 11:17

Expats in Shaoxing get a taste of leisure tourism. 

A dozen expats living in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province, went on an immersive trip through the city's Xialyu township on Thursday to get a taste of the leisure tourism experiences in the area.

Feeding and riding horses, eating authentic local dishes, rafting and RV camping are just some of the activities organized for international residents.

"Visiting the beautiful countryside and experiencing the local life can help these expats get a better understanding of China as well as China's endeavor to attain common prosperity for the people," said Ye Hong, a local reporter and an organizer of the event. "It will also help them better integrate into local society."

Attracted by Xialyu's vibrant scenery and infrastructure development, investors have funded 18 tourist projects in the town, providing job opportunities to villagers and further improving their livelihoods. For example, over 30 villagers are currently employed by the RV camping business, which earned them 1.5 million yuan ($223,620) during the Labor Day holiday.