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Expats attend yellow rice wine party in Shaoxing

Date:2022-09-18 09:33

Over 10 expats from countries, including South Korea, India, and Poland, were invited by Hangzhou Daily to celebrate the upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province on Sept 7.

Expats in tradition Chinese costumes watch the brewing of yellow rice wine.

At the Yellow Rice Wine Museum, the expats viewed the oldest jar of yellow rice wine still in existence. The wine, which was brewed in 1928, is stored in a jar that measures 3 meters in height and 2 meters in diameter.

The largest jar of yellow rice wine in the world. 

Shaoxing yellow rice wine is often used as the Chinese equivalent to the cooking sherry. It was first brewed over 2,500 years ago and its brewing technique was listed as a State-level intangible cultural heritage item in 2006.

"Drinking rice wine is one of the traditional ways to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival," said a Zimbabwean student who studies at Zhejiang University.

An expat visits Yellow Rice Wine Museum in Shaoxing. 

The expats also tried their hands at painting wine jars. A Polish student surnamed Lily described the process as "demanding but fun".

Expats paint wine jars in Shaoxing.