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Zhejiang prefectural cities set zero-waste goal

Date:2022-09-18 09:33

All 11 prefectural cities in East China's Zhejiang province will aim to become "zero-waste cities" during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25), according to the Ministry of Ecology and Environment.

The "zero-waste city" program, launched a few years ago by the Chinese authorities, seeks to use resources more efficiently and encourage new green development methods and lifestyles to minimize landfilling and the environmental impacts caused by solid waste.

In 2019, the province's Shaoxing city was selected to be a part of the nationwide pilot for the construction of zero-waste cities.

Over the past two years, the province has deepened institutional innovation, improved the treatment capacity of solid waste and made several important achievements that other areas and regions can emulate.

For its next step, Zhejiang will further promote the reduction, recycling and safe treatment of solid waste.