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Zhang Jinru stressed: implement the guiding principles of the two session... 2008/03/20
Shaoxing Deputies walked out of the People’s Great Hall 2008/03/19
Downtown Economic Work Conference convened 2008/02/28
Zhang Jinru stressed: persist in combating corruption & take precautions ... 2008/02/27
2008’ Spring Festival Mass Greeting Meeting held in Shaoxing 2008/01/31
Emergent Conference on Responding to Snow-Freezing Weather convened 2008/01/31
Lu Yongxiang visited Shaoxing 2008/01/28
Municipal leaders visit retired comrades from Shaoxing Military Army 2008/01/24
Shaoxing Delegation debated Provincial Government Work Report 2008/01/17
JiaShaoxing Cross-River Channel of Hangzhou Bay to start construction wit... 2008/01/15
Zhang Dejiang inspected Shaoxing 2008/01/14
Municipal Leaders delivered low-rent house keys to poor households 2008/01/10
4th Plenary (Enlarged) Meeting of the 6th Shaoxing Municipal Party Commit... 2008/01/09
Quicken economic transformation and upgrade & promote sound and rapid dev... 2008/01/04
Strengthen the connection between enterprises and financial institutions ... 2007/12/28
Build Shaoxing into a caring and harmonious city 2007/12/25
Citywide Mobilization Conference for Charity Fundraising held 2007/12/24
Christmas Party for Foreign Merchants staged 2007/12/20
The 10th Executive Meeting of Shaoxing Municipal Government convened 2007/12/19
Develop circulated economy & push forward ecological construction 2007/12/18
Zhang Jinru required: safe production responsibility should be fulfilled ... 2007/12/14
Shaoxing Work Conference on Industrial Innovation convened 2007/12/12
Promote charity undertaking & building a caring city 2007/12/12
Zhang Jinru required: be based on entrepreneurship and innovation & impro... 2007/12/11
Shaoxing Municipal Party Committee convened a report conference on pushin... 2007/12/06
Ningbo Municipal Party and Government Delegation visited Shaoxing 2007/11/29
The 2nd Session of the 6th Shaoxing Municipal People’s Congress winded up 2007/11/28
Zhang Jinru stressed: adopt effective measures to firmly push forward mod... 2007/11/26
Zhejiang Provincial Mobilization Team publicized the guiding principles o... 2007/11/23
Zhang Jinru stressed: accelerate the establishment of standardized, order... 2007/11/23
Zhang Jinru investigated agriculture and country work 2007/11/22
Wenzhou Party and Government Delegation visited Shaoxing 2007/11/21
Wang Yongchang stressed: vigorously carry out Hundred-Thousand project & ... 2007/11/16
9th Executive Meeting of Shaoxing Municipal Government convened 2007/11/15
Central Mobilization Team publicized the guiding principles of the 17th C... 2007/11/14
Wang Yongchang stressed: further quicken the pace of industrial innovatio... 2007/11/13
Shaoxing Science, Technology, & Talents Month kicked off 2007/11/02
Construction Minister Wang Guangxi inspected Shaoxing’s small towns build... 2007/11/01
China Rice Wine Museum opens today 2007/10/29
Fujinomiya City Good-Will Mission of Japan visited Shaoxing 2007/10/26
Enlarged Meeting of the Standing Committee of Shaoxing Municipal Party Co... 2007/10/24
8th Executive Meeting of Shaoxing Municipal People’s Government convened 2007/10/24
Europe Fair kicked off in Shangyu 2007/10/23
The 5th Zhejiang Furniture Expo kicked off 2007/10/19
Zhang Jinru stressed: constantly perfect social security system & try har... 2007/10/17
Zhang Jinru met Oyama Agricultural Mission of Tochigi County 2007/10/16
Zhang Jinru stressed: pay adequate attention to practical projects that ... 2007/10/15
Carry forward the new work style and good practices & set up a long-effec... 2007/10/12
Learn from Shanghai and Suzhou 2007/10/10
Shaoxing Goodwill Trade Mission led by Mayor Zhang Jinru visited Australi... 2007/09/30
Join hands to push forward the planning and construction of Yuezhou New C... 2007/09/20
Municipal Leaders at the front line of fighting typhoon 2007/09/19
Plate awarding ceremony of Paojing New District held ceremoniously yester... 2007/09/18
The Conference on the Overall Planning of Jinhu State Urban Wetland Park ... 2007/09/07
Zhang Jinru stressed: accelerate project progress, reveal water city’s fe... 2007/09/07
Zhang Jinru stressed: enclose masses’ cultural needs & enrich farmers’ cu... 2007/08/30
Enlarged Meeting of the Standing Committee of Shaoxing Municipal Party Co... 2007/08/17
Zhang Jinru stressed: ensure market supply & stabilize food price 2007/08/15
An Enlarged Meeting of the Standing Committee of Shaoxing Municipal Party... 2007/08/10
Si Xinliang stressed: tangibly strengthen petition work & promote social ... 2007/08/03
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