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Zhang Jinru stressed: implement Emergency Response Law & strengthen Shaox... 2007/11/14
Zhang Jinru stressed: build excellent scenic spots & enrich the city thro... 2007/09/12
Zhang Jinru stressed: enhance responsibility, strengthen rectification, &... 2007/07/11
Zhang Jinru stressed: deepen the planning, strengthen functional orientat... 2007/07/05
Zhang Jinru stressed: strengthen living guarantee & promote social harmon... 2007/06/29
Zhang Jinru stressed: protect cultural heritage & build a culturally stro... 2007/06/08
Zhang Jinru required: improve awareness, give prominence to key points, s... 2007/06/08
Zhang Jinru stressed: enhance responsibilities & make scientific planning... 2007/05/30
Zhang Jinru stressed: improve recognition, enhance measures, and fulfill ... 2007/02/27
Zhang Jinru: export enterprises should initiatively adapt to the situatio... 2006/12/20
Zhang Jinru: increase rectification strength & eliminate hidden safe trou... 2006/12/19
Zhang Jinru stressed: upgrade city level & improve residential environmen... 2006/12/14
Zhang Jinru stressed when inspecting the construction of key projects: co... 2006/12/08
Zhang Jirnu: accelerate to construct Shaoxing into a culturally strong ci... 2006/12/05
Zhang Jinru required: give prominence to work emphasis& jointly accelerat... 2006/12/01
Zhang Jinru stressed strict land management 2006/11/03
Zhang Jinru: integrate tourism resources & accelerate building of strong ... 2006/10/11
Zhang Jinru: quicken to push forward communication construction & strive ... 2006/08/16
Zhang Jinru: enhance the faith of enriching the city through tourism & ex... 2006/08/10
Zhang Jinru: provide excellent services & ensure safe operation 2006/08/08
Zhang Jinru stressed yesterday: exert efforts in self-innovation & build ... 2006/06/29
Zhang Jinru stressed when investigating downtown planning work on new cou... 2006/06/15
Zhang Jinru: attach great importance to energy saving & consumption reduc... 2006/06/15
Zhang Jinru: enhance the sense of emergency, perfect early warning system... 2006/06/08
Zhang Jinru stressed when inspecting preparatory work of university entra... 2006/06/07
Zhang Jinru stressed when investigating Paojiang Industrial Zone: make th... 2006/06/06
Zhang Jinru: reducing the labor cost in enterprises and accelerating the ... 2006/05/18
Zhang Jinru: carry out the requirement of taking the lead & firmly advanc... 2006/02/16
Zhang Jinru: construct the new hospital of Shaoxing People’s Hospital int... 2006/01/20
Zhang Jinru: increase strength of rebuilding China Textile City to expand... 2005/12/29
Shaoxing Municipal Government convened the Counseling Symposium on the 11... 2005/12/26
Municipal Leaders left for different destinations to investigate safe pro... 2005/12/23
New Year’s Celebration Party for Foreign Businessmen held last night 2005/12/22
Zhang Jinru stressed: take the most serious attitude, the most rigorous m... 2005/11/11
Zhang Jinru: implement brand strategy & exert forces to build Shaoxing in... 2005/10/13
Zhang Jinru: construct market at high level & accelerate upgrade of texti... 2005/09/24
Zhang Jinru stressed when investigating urban tourism works 2005/09/24
Zhang Jinru: seize the opportunity to greatly advance the construction of... 2005/09/24
Zhang Jinru expressed: Shaoxing would never give up the textile industry 2005/09/24
Zhang Jinru stressed: create a favorable environment for development & pr... 2005/09/24
Zhang Jinru requested to tangibly improve development quality of industri... 2005/09/24
Zhang Jinru delivered the government work report at the 3rd Session of th... 2005/09/24
Zhang Jinru: deepen programming, elaborately implement, and employ all av... 2005/09/24
Mayor Zhang Jinru stressed: speed up to seize scientific and technologica... 2005/09/24
Zhang Jinru stressed: vigorously boost work of making government affairs ... 2005/09/24
Zhang Jinru addressed the 5th Session of the 5th Plenary Meeting 2005/09/24
Zhang Jinru delivered a lecture at the press conference of the 7th Zhejia... 2005/09/24
Zhang Jinru stressed: do each supporting work well to ensure perfectly sa... 2005/09/24
Mayor Zhang Jinru published an article titled “Care Environment and Love ... 2005/09/24
Zhang Jinru requested: enclose overall situation & intensify characterist... 2005/09/24
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