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21st China Golden Rooster & Hundred Flowers Festival
6th World Choir Games
Public Memorial Ceremony to Great Yu
Orchid Pavilion Calligraphy Festival
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100th anniversary of International Working Women's Day 2010/03/09
1st Shaoxing Sports Games for the Disabled opened yesterday 2009/05/19
Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Shaoxing 2009/05/19
Shaoxing Conference of Model Workers was ceremoniously held yesterday 2009/05/19
Calligraphy Pilgrimage Festival was staged yesterday 2009/04/13
All walks of life in Shaoxing ceremoniously commemorate the 140th anniver... 2008/01/09
4th Yangtze River Delta Forum on Energy convened yesterday in Shaoxing 2007/11/16
2007’ Shaoxing Wetland Forum held 2007/11/12
The 8th Shengzhou·China Necktie & Yue Opera Festival kicked off 2007/11/08
Shaoxing Science, Technology, & Talents Month kicked off 2007/11/05
Europe Fair kicked off in Shangyu 2007/10/23
Shaoxing Museum of Kingdom Yue’s Culture unveilded 2007/10/23
China International Socks Expo kicked off 2007/10/18
3rd University Student Film Festival kicked off 2007/09/27
The 5th Furniture Expo to be staged on October 19 2007/09/26
2nd Shaoxing Sports Festival kicked off yesterday 2007/09/24
China (Shaoxing) International Textile Expo to open in late October 2007/07/26
5th Zhiye Real Estate Cup Grand Exhibition Show of Yue Opera in Jiangsu, ... 2007/06/07
1st Shaoxing University Student Network Culture Festival kicked off 2007/06/01
Four thousand Chinese people paid tribute to the Mausoleum of Yu the Grea... 2007/04/23
China·Shaoxing Tea Culture Festival kicked off yesterday 2007/04/23
Annual Meeting of the Seminar of China’s history on world war two held in... 2006/12/07
Shaoxing Consensus on Cultural Tourism issued yesterday 2006/11/29
2006’ China Yue Opera Art Festival winded up 2006/10/30
International Academic Symposium Memorizing the 125th Anniversary of Luxu... 2006/10/18
China’s Yue Opera Art Festival kicked off last night 2006/10/17
Municipal Party Committee and Government convened working conference on 2... 2006/10/11
The Work Schedule of 2006’China Yue Opera Art Festival & a series of Econ... 2006/09/29
Press conference of China Yue Opera Art Festival held in Beijing 2006/09/27
Descendants of great literature masters gathered in Shaoxing this morning 2006/09/25
Shaoxing successfully held the introduction conference on investment envi... 2006/09/25
Amorous feelings of the water city in the eyes of foreign experts 2006/06/09
International Conference on Cultural Heritage Protection and Sustainable ... 2006/05/31
National Work Conference on Textile Industrial Cluster held 2006/05/31
People’s Daily carried an article about Shaoxing Mode of protecting the a... 2006/05/30
Asia Pacific Work Conference of World Energy Council convened yesterday i... 2006/05/25
Houshan Mountain Peachblossom Festival to open on March 18 2006/03/16
The Schedule of 2006’ China Shaoxing Tea Culture Festival 2006/03/14
The Schedule of the 2nd China Zhejiang Academic Festival 2005/11/08
The 7th China Art Festival 2005/09/24
A short filmed advertisement for charming city 2005/09/20
The Schedule of the 2nd China Shaoxing Luxun Culture & Art Festival and R... 2005/09/12
Shaoxing Trade Activities Week 2005/09/12
2005 (The 6th) China Shaoxing International Textile Expo 2005/09/12
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