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    Foreign Investment Service Center


    Foreign Investment Service Center of Shaoxing


    Foreign Investment Service Center of Shaoxing is a professional consultancy branch attached to the local government. It provides industrial information to foreign businessman with investment in Shaoxing. It assists agencies to locate the company, register, import equipment and finance. It also handles complaints from foreign investor.

    Main Business Domain:

    Provides information on investment environment and opportunities  for investment decisions. Carrying out the preinvestment investigation and market research. Recommend best investment area and investment method. Contact related government departments, social gruops and commercial organizations. Arrange agenda of investment investigation. Help to solve problems emerging from investment. Assign assistants to help carry out investment projects. 

    Address:  481 Yan'an East Road, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province

    Tel:   0575-88619718br />   Fax:   0575-88619748

    Email:   SIPA@investsx.com